Product Description

24″ Little Souls Bitchy Boo Witch is a wonderfully whimsical design from Gretchen Wilson.  She wears a black satin dress layered with a shimmering blue skirt and a pretty semi-sheer top skirt of black dots on a background of white, a blue and black ribbon polka dot cummerbund.  Her sleeves and leggings have blue hearts on a black background and she wears black and green felt dragon shoes.  Her yarn hair is a mix of shades of blue, pink and purple and is covered with the most marvelous spider web pointed witch’s hat.  The brim of the hat is semi sheer and lined with fluffy black feathers.  The top of the hat sports beautiful  glittering blue and green peacock-like feathers with large blue crystals along with a colorful felt embroidered bird and purple silk chrysanthemums.  She holds an orange carrot shaped bunny in one hand and a vintage Halloween noisemaker in the the other.  Finishing touches include a blue crystal at her neckline, shiny blue pearl necklace and a green spider crawling up her dress.  This is one wickedly dress witch!

This Little Souls Doll is designed, handmade and personally signed by Gretchen Wilson.