Friedericy Art Dolls & Figurative Art


Lucia Friedericy

A childhood love for making dolls and puppets and an educational and professional background in theatre and fashion design all came together twenty years ago when Lucia Friedericy combined her interests and began a business of “dolls as art”.  These whimsical figures are sculpted in porcelain and paper clay on a wire armatured body. The costumes are made from vintage textiles, lace, and silks. Each doll is completely hand-made with my primary inspiration coming from literature and fantasy. The notion of art dolls as decorative objects lead to creating charactor shadowboxes and masked tiles as wall art. Stunning, original, handmade works of art, the classic Friedericy Dolls are one-of-a-kind, wax-over-porcelain art dolls. Never made from a mold-and therefore always unique in its appeal, every doll is hand sculpted by Judith Friedericy. Then each figure is painted, wigged, dipped in wax, costumed in fine fabric, again by hand, by award-winning theatrical costume designer Lucia Friedericy. Now Lucia has added sculpting to her work. Using paperclay as her medium, Lucia sculpts, molds, paints and costumes dolls, decorative figures, masks, puppets and shadow boxes. The classic Friedericy themes of fairy tales, nursury rhymes, children, literary charactors and authors are brought to life in an exciting new way.