Product Description

This stunning handmade blown glass vase has a green and gold pulled feather design on white with a gold iridescent base. It is 14″ tall x 7″ wide at the top where it flares and is signed and dated on the bottom.

It is handmade by a master craftsman at Lundberg Studios in California, where they individually create an exquisite array of vases, perfume bottles, paperweights, lighting and custom commissions.

Exclusive to Lundberg Studios, design styles range from antique to contemporary, from Tiffany to Art Deco. Lundberg Art Glass is made entirely at their studios in California on a limited production basis. Melting all its own exotic colors, Lundberg Studios has refined the art of making quality glass by using a blend of techniques both traditional and innovative. To own a piece of Lundberg Art Glass is to own an heirloom of tomorrow.