Product Description

Our  Metallic Mauve pumpkins and gourds feature shimmering gold and shades of opaque purple with hints of pale green.  Delicate gold ribs add texture and enhance the elegant look of these pumpkins and the curling gold stems evoke the twining tendrils of a living vine.  Whether your space calls for a large centerpiece or a small artistic accent, these pumpkins make a beautiful display.  Individual pieces are striking on their own, or group them together for greater impact.

All pumpkins and gourds are blown glass made one at a time and signed by the artist.

    • Small Pumpkin – 4″ h x 3.5″w
    • Large Pumpkin – 8″ h x 7″w
    • Large Tilt Pumpkin – 5″h x 4.5″w

Please note that sizes may vary slightly as all items are handmade, unique and mouth blown.