Product Description

Cottontail is a one-of-a-kind bunny designed and created by Lyn Clapham. She is made from pure Schulte Alpaca mohair in a gorgeous soft pile in a light peachy color with a hint of pink. Her paw pads and inner ears are made with a cotton fabric with a pattern of strawberries. The glass eyes are hand painted in a sparkly colour to match the mohair and are complemented with the addition of eyelids and some highlighting around the edges. The nose is Lyn’s own design handmade from leather.

Cottontail’s face and toes are meticulously scissored and needle sculpted. She is fully jointed with top quality fiber fill and additional pellets and micro glass balls to give a nice weighty feeling to the bunny. The top of her head is adorned with little pink silk roses next to the ears.