Product Description

Vile Vivian is a 24″ Little Souls Witch Doll dressed in shiny green and pink skirts over a teal colored dress.  Her top skirt of black lace gives the appearance of spider webs.  Her hair, made of several shades of pink and lavender yarn is tied with blue satin bows below her black witch’s hat.  She wears two beaded chains, one in green and a purple one tied in a knot.  At her neckline are cute orange jack-o-lantern pumpkin buttons.  A sparkly purple bow accents her waistline and black kitty shoes are worn over colorful purple socks with orange, yellow and lavender polka dots.  Her accessories include a straw broom accent with a bright hot pink spider, a small lantern with orange roof and a sign that says “EEK”.  In her left hand she holds a sparkly orange pumpkin and the top of her hat is decorated with orange feathers, black netting, a black rose in the back and orange feathers held to the tip of her hat by a big black spider.  She is all ready to hop on her broom and fly off to your house in time for “trick-or-treat”ers!

This Little Souls Witch Doll is designed, handmade and personally signed by the artist, Gretchen Wilson.