Product Description

This beautiful “Mother With Babes” art doll was created by Julia and Lucia
Friedericy. The mother is dressed in beautifully embroidered gold silk with vintage
lace petticoat. The child is also dressed in beautiful vintage fabrics and
her perfectly detailed tiny baby is wrapped in a lace trimmed christening gown
and peach silk wrap. This design, with the mother sitting, is approximately 17″

Friedericy Art Dolls are all charming, beautiful and wonderfully created. We fell
in love with them at first sight. Their designs are wonderfully creative and
their hand painted expressions are simply captivating. We will be adding more
designs to this section soon. They are well worth the wait.

Stunning, original, handmade works of art, Friedericy Dolls are
one-of-a-kind, wax-over-porcelain art dolls. Never made from a mold-and
therefore always unique in its appeal, every doll is hand sculpted by Judith
Friedericy. Then each figure is painted, wigged, dipped in wax, costumed in fine
fabric, again by hand, by Lucia Friedericy. The doll bodies are stuffed with
muslin. The neck, head, arms, and legs are wax over porcelain. They are attached
to the body with stuffed muslin and have poseable wire armature. Often the
clothes are made from unique vintage fabric and elaborately embellished and are
stitched onto the dolls and are not removable. The hair is usually made from
genuine mohair.