Product Description

This beautiful blonde Friedericy porcelain fairy doll is dressed in ivory, white and  light pink.  The bodice of her dress is painted a luminous ivory and her sleeves are made of ivory puckered fabric trimmed with ivory and gold metallic lace.  Her skirt is made of pale ivory netting trimmed with pink and white lace over a pale ivory silk underskirt.  Her skirt is tied at the waist with ivory satin ribbon bow.  It drapes beautifully from her body and and flows out from the frame.   Her fairy wings are gold and light blue tipped with blue and gold beads.   Her long blonde curly hair frames her beautifully painted face with blue eyes.  A wire for framing is secured at the top of the frame.

The ivory and gold distressed frame measures 7.75″ wide x 10″ long x 2″ deep.  The doll is 10″ tall and her dress drapes about 2.5″ below the frame.  The inside of the frame is covered with the pale ivory silk fabric that matches her underskirt.

Stunning, original, handmade works of art, Friedericy Dolls are one-of-a-kind, wax-over-porcelain art dolls.  This doll was designed and handcrafted by the artists, Lucia and Judith Friedericy.